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Karachi’s ‘White Corolla Gang’ Strikes Again: Woman Robbed After Landing from US

‘White Corolla Gang’

Upon arriving in Karachi from the United States one Thursday night to reunite with her daughter, a woman was targeted by the notorious ‘White Corolla Gang’ in a shocking robbery incident. What was initially expected to be a routine landing turned into a harrowing experience as the gang, known for their brazen acts, struck again.

Tracing her movements to Hyderi in Karachi’s central district, the gang intercepted her vehicle, using a white Corolla and another car for their operation. Masquerading as law enforcement officers, they halted her under the pretext of a vehicle check. However, their intentions were far from lawful. Armed and donning police uniforms as they held the woman on gunpoint to instill fear.

Exploiting the guise of a vehicle search, the criminals swiftly relieved her of valuables amounting to $4,000 in cash, a smartphone, precious gold jewelry, and crucial documents. The gravity of the situation escalated when the woman’s husband lodged a formal complaint with the authorities. However, the police response took an unexpected turn as they opted to categorize the incident as theft rather than the more severe charge of dacoity, sparking confusion and speculation.

Despite assurances from law enforcement that the ‘white Corolla gang’ had been neutralized, this incident serves as a stark reminder of their continued menace. It underscores the persistence of organized crime and the challenges faced by authorities in combating such threats effectively.

In a bid to unravel the details of the crime, the police have obtained CCTV footage capturing the robbery in action. The investigation is currently underway, with hopes of apprehending the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. Yet, the incident raises questions about the adequacy of security measures and the need for heightened vigilance, particularly in areas susceptible to criminal activity.

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