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Elon Musk’s Warning: AI Threatens to Eradicate All Jobs

Elon Musk’s Warning

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, recently voiced a striking prediction about the future of artificial intelligence (AI), suggesting that it could ultimately render all jobs obsolete.

Speaking at a startup and tech event in Paris, Musk speculated that “probably none of us will have a job” in a future dominated by AI, as reported by CNN.

During his address at Viva Tech via webcam, Musk hinted at a scenario where employment becomes “optional,” with AI and robots fulfilling most goods and services requirements.

He proposed the concept of a “universal high income,” distinct from a universal basic income, as a potential solution to accommodate this transformation, though he provided few details on this notion.

The term “universal basic income” refers to a government initiative where everyone receives a fixed amount of money, regardless of their income level.

Musk suggested that in an AI-dominated society, there would be an abundance of goods and services, highlighting the rapid advancements in AI capabilities in recent years.

Expressing his apprehensions about AI, Musk referred to Ian Banks’ “Culture Book Series” as a compelling portrayal of a society governed by sophisticated technology.

He pondered whether a world devoid of traditional jobs would offer individuals a sense of purpose and fulfillment, emphasizing the importance of humans imparting meaning to AI.

Furthermore, Musk cautioned against excessive use of social media, cautioning parents to monitor their children’s online activities. He warned about platforms programmed by AI to maximize dopamine release, potentially impacting users’ well-being.

Meanwhile, concerns persist within the industry regarding the impact of AI on various sectors and job roles.

Despite predictions of widespread automation, the adoption of AI in the workplace has been slower than anticipated, according to MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab researchers.

Many roles initially deemed susceptible to AI automation are economically impractical to automate at present.

Ultimately, while AI may reshape the job market, certain positions requiring emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are less likely to be replaced, such as those in mental health, the arts, and education, according to experts cited by CNN.

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