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CDA Launches Paid Internship Program

Paid Internship

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced a six-month paid internship program for fresh graduates, set to commence in June 2024. This initiative aims to provide young graduates with valuable work experience and a stepping stone to start their professional careers in various fields.

An official from the CDA highlighted that the successful candidates would receive a monthly stipend of Rs40,000 during their six-month internship across different departments within the organization.

This stipend is intended to support interns financially as they gain practical experience and skills relevant to their academic backgrounds. Eligibility for the program requires candidates to have completed a bachelor’s degree (4 years) within the last three years from a government-recognized institution.

Accepted disciplines include business administration or management, marketing, and computer sciences. Importantly, students awaiting their final results are not eligible for this internship program.

Applications are to be submitted exclusively online through the link:

The official emphasized that only complete e-applications would be considered, and those submitted in person or lacking necessary information will be automatically disqualified. Should applicants encounter any technical difficulties while submitting their applications, they can seek assistance by contacting 051-9252959.

Applicants have a 15-day window from the date of the advertisement’s publication to submit their applications. It is important to note that no travel allowance (TA) or daily allowance (DA) will be provided to candidates during the selection process.

The selection criteria are stringent, focusing on academic excellence. Applicants will be shortlisted based on their consistent academic performance, with marks from SSC, HSSC, and bachelor’s (or equivalent) contributing 30 points each, totaling 90 points.

An additional 10 points will be allocated for the interview. The names of candidates shortlisted for the interview will be published on the CDA website, along with detailed interview guidelines.

The number of interns selected, their placements, assigned duties, and potential termination of the internship will be determined at the discretion of the CDA.

Interns have the option to request termination of their internship with a 15-day notice, although in such cases, they will not receive a completion certificate.

It is also noted that applicants who have previously interned with the CDA under an earlier program are not eligible to reapply. The internship does not constitute a job offer, nor is it extendable.

Additionally, it does not confer any rights to future employment or regularization within the CDA. Interns will be entitled solely to the stipulated lump-sum stipend and will be subject to the CDA’s rules regarding disciplinary matters and confidentiality.

This internship program represents a significant opportunity for fresh graduates to gain hands-on experience, develop their skills, and enhance their employability in a competitive job market.

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