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PTI Allegedly ‘Victimised’ on May 9, Ayub Draws Comparison to Benazir’s Tragic Events


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary-General Omar Ayub delivered a fiery speech in the National Assembly, vehemently refuting accusations of PTI’s involvement in the violent May 9 protests.

Ayub, also the opposition leader in the assembly, reiterated the party’s demand for a judicial inquiry into the widespread riots that erupted following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan last year.

During his address, Ayub drew parallels with the aftermath of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in 2007, emphasizing the staggering economic losses and infrastructure damage incurred nationwide.

He highlighted the devastation, citing figures amounting to $2 billion in losses, with significant damage to trains, locomotives, and railway stations, particularly in Karachi, where damages reached Rs80 to Rs90 billion within a span of just three to four days.

Ayub questioned the lack of accountability for those responsible for the violence in 2007, despite the substantial financial and social repercussions.

He further contrasted the situation with the protests in France in July 2023, where damages totaled $1.8 billion, underscoring the need for proportional responses and accountability.

Regarding the May 9 protests, Ayub asserted that they were merely a pretext, with the real target being Imran Khan.

He condemned the crackdown on PTI members and leaders following the protests, decrying the disappearance of crucial evidence, including CCTV footage, which hindered the pursuit of justice.

In response to allegations implicating PTI in the violence, Ayub portrayed the party as a victim, alleging a deliberate obstruction of justice through the manipulation or disappearance of evidence.

He criticized the military’s declaration of the riots as a “Black Day” and pledged to challenge any punitive actions under the Army Act.

Ayub’s impassioned speech underscores the ongoing political tensions and the fervent defense of PTI’s stance amidst allegations and calls for accountability.

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