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Claim of 30% Crime Decrease in Punjab by Mohsin Naqvi Proven False After Fact-Check

Mohsin Naqvi

Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi’s repeated claims of a 30% decrease in crime rates during his tenure as the interim chief minister of Punjab have been debunked by factual analysis.

Despite his assertions, official police data and reports from organizations like the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) present a starkly different reality.

Naqvi’s proclamations were made at several public events, including press conferences covered by local media and available on YouTube.

However, an examination of the crime statistics for Punjab in 2023 reveals that while there was a decrease in cases of honor killings, the overall trend was an alarming increase in various heinous crimes.

According to official police data, and data documented by the HRCP, crimes such as rape, gang rape, murder, acid attacks, attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, and motor vehicle theft witnessed significant spikes in registered cases compared to the previous year. For instance, rape cases surged by 134%, gang rape by 149%, and robbery by a staggering 122%.

Furthermore, the HRCP’s annual report on the State of Human Rights in 2023 highlights a noticeable rise in crime rates, particularly in cases of rape and gang rape, across Punjab.

Even in Lahore, considered the provincial capital, the number of reported rape cases escalated substantially from 488 in 2022 to 778 in 2023.

These findings directly contradict Naqvi’s claims of a substantial decrease in crime rates during his tenure.

Instead, they underscore the pressing need for accurate assessment and proactive measures to address the escalating crime situation in Punjab.

In light of these discrepancies, it becomes imperative for policymakers and law enforcement authorities to acknowledge the actual state of affairs and formulate effective strategies to combat crime effectively, ensuring the safety and security of the populace.

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