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PML-N Dismisses Deal Claims, Aims for Coalition Government in Balochistan


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has categorically refuted reports suggesting a power-sharing agreement with any political party to form the government in Balochistan. Instead, the party asserts its independent claim to lead the administration with the backing of its allies in the region.

Sheikh Jafar Mandukhail, the provincial president of PML-N, reaffirmed the party’s position, emphasizing that they command the majority and have the intention to establish the government. Despite the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) aspiration to nominate its Chief Minister, PML-N intends to forge a coalition with its allies within the province.

Expressing concern over alleged electoral irregularities, Mandukhail asserted that opponents manipulated results through bribes offered to returning officers. He called for a thorough investigation into these allegations, reflecting the party’s commitment to ensuring fair and transparent electoral processes.

Earlier speculations hinted at the PPP in Balochistan forming the government through an alliance with PML-N and other political groups. However, PML-N’s recent declaration adds complexity to the situation, indicating potential challenges and negotiations in the process of government formation.

The political dynamics in Balochistan seem fluid, and the final configuration of alliances and power-sharing agreements remains uncertain. As the parties navigate through post-election developments, Balochistan’s political landscape could witness shifts and strategic alignments in the pursuit of forming a stable and effective government.

The coming days will likely unfold the intricacies of negotiations and coalition-building efforts among the political entities involved, shaping the future governance structure in the province.

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