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‘Cabal of 5 behind country’s woes’, Maryam On Reorganization Tour

Lahore: Maryam Nawaz, the PML-N Senior Vice-President, held a “cabal of 5” responsible for the country’s current predicament as she begins a party’s reorganization tour towards shaping party’s political narrative days after her return to Pakistan from a nearly four-month sojourn in London.

The Cabal of 5

Maryam named among the “cabal of 5” the PTI Chief, former chief justices Saqib Nisar and Asif Saeed Khosa. While she simply referred to the other two as “crutches” of Imran.

charge-sheet Tasked

A cabinet member shared that Nawaz Sharif had tasked some senior party leaders charge-sheet to start working on framing a ‘complete charge-sheet’ on Imran and his facilitators in the establishment a former army chief and two ex-spy chiefs) and the judiciary (a former chief justice) so that the entire party could target them in unison during the Punjab election campaign.

at workers’ convention in Bahawalpur

Maryam said it’s essential to known why the country reached at the verge of taking difficult decisions.

The 12-years Plan

She said people should be grateful that the country had returned from the precipice of a disaster after four years under the PTI, otherwise, the “cabal of five had made plans for the next 12 years”. She asked to imagine Pakistan in the next 12 years if the cabal of five had continued.”

The cabal of amateur

She said the “cabal of players and amateurs” had wrecked the economy and launched “suicide attacks” on it adding that she would share name pictures of the cabal and they would be made public “whether that is Khosa or the dam guy (Nisar) or Imran or his two crutches”.

PML-N responsibility to Save the Country

Maryam alleged that the quintet plundered the country together day and night. “Someone was taking diamond rings, someone taking plots. Someone was making money through the land while someone was sending money to Dubai. Others made a house on several hundred kanals in Chakwal.” She said it’s PML-N responsibility to save the country from the lot.

Opening the Doors of Militancy after PML-N eliminated it

On the issue of terrorism resurge in the country, Maryam said the PML-N had eliminated militancy in the country and questioned why it was cropping up again.

In an apparent reference to former Inter Services Intelligence chief Faiz Hameed, she questioned why the one whom Imran called his “eyes and ears” and was posted in KP had “opened doors for terrorists”.

She said if the person who was Imran’s “eyes and ears” had focused on his actual job, Pakistan would not have to see the conditions today.

Capacity-building against Terrorism

Maryam also lashed out at Imran and the PTI, saying they had been in government in KP for the last decade and questioned what capacity building they had done for the counter-terrorism department.

A clean Sweep

The PML-N Senior Vice President hoped that with PML-N now stepping into the campaign field would “clean sweep” the polls.

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