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A Floral Rhapsody and celebration of mother nature: Mariam Maaz solo at Majmua Art Gallery

KARACHI: With the onset of spring in Karachi, Mariam Maaz show heralds a new dawn in the Art-scape and is a breather of fresh air in the current art milieu.

Her work is a floral journey representing her love of various kinds of flowers, meadows, and glades in her first solo at Majmua the Art Gallery in Karachi.

The show was recently inaugurated on April 19th, 2024. It will continue till May 6th, 2024.

The artist shows great promise and potential. Her body of work which is mainly 20 canvasses in acrylics is seen celebrating nature and paying tribute to Allah’s wonderful foliage at its best.

One can see the beauty of nature through her use of color and brush technique including knife work that creates amazing textures to her paintings.

She is both poetic and impressionistic in rendering her compositions. Some of her work reminds you of the Dutch painter Van Goh. As she also uses the thick impasto style of laying colors on her flowers heavily.

Her trees stand tall with an interplay of light emanating from beyond and the viewer can be lost in observing them only.

In her scenic landscapes with just trees, she seems to be romancing and elevating nature as you see the brilliant yellows highlighting sunlight and she depicts it immaculately.

Among her 20 paintings, she has also tried to paint meadows and scenic landscapes in summer and autumn as well as when land is covered with snow

A vivacious and dedicated artist, she is exuberant about her first show and plans to work on different subjects as well.

The prices of her artworks are reasonable starting from forty thousand and up to ninety thousand.

The paintings are a visual treat and if you are a Western classical music buff, you would enjoy each piece with either Strauss, Chopin, or Mozart and delve deeper into her art.

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