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Shehbaz Sharif enquires after the health of an officer injured during the May 9 riots, at the CMH in Lahore

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Prime Minister of Pakistan Gives 72-Hour Deadline to Arrest Those Involved in Violent Riots

Shehbaz Sharif accuses Imran Khan of being responsible for the burning of Lahore Corps Commander’s House.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, has given authorities a strict deadline of 72 hours to identify and arrest individuals involved in the violent riots that broke out following the arrest of Imran Khan. The riots, which resulted in fatalities, erupted after Khan’s arrest and have since been condemned by government officials. PM ultimatum demands swift action to bring those responsible to justice.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Shareef visit Corps Commander’s home and Hospital.13 May 2023

Punjab Safe City Authority Headquarters

During a meeting at the Punjab Safe City Authority Headquarters in Lahore, the prime minister announced that the cases related to the violent protests triggered by Imran Khan’s arrest will be tried by anti-terrorism courts.

He added that all available resources, including technological aid and intelligence, are being utilized to identify and apprehend those responsible for the rioting.

He emphasized that bringing these individuals to justice is a crucial test case for the government.

Protests Shake Pakistan After Imran’s Arrest

The violent protests that followed the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday, in a land fraud case which was later deemed “invalid and unlawful” by the Supreme Court on Thursday, resulted in widespread damage to public and military properties.

Supporters of Khan rampaged through multiple cities, attacking military installations, setting fire to a state broadcaster building, damaging buses, and ransacking the house of a senior army official.

The army was subsequently deployed to restore order in the affected areas.

Punjab Govt Forming JIT To Investigate Attacks On Military Offices, Personnel

According to the Punjab police, the violent protests that followed the arrest of the PTI chairman resulted in over 2,800 arrests, 152 injured police officers, 74 vandalized and burnt police vehicles, and 22 damaged government buildings, including police stations and offices. The unrest led to the deployment of the army in several cities, and at least eight people lost their lives.

After the prime minister’s announcement, the Punjab caretaker government released pictures of unidentified protesters who had attacked a military official’s residence on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Sets Tough Deadline for Authorities to Apprehend Rioters in Pakistan

The prime minister set a target for apprehending all responsible culprits, planners, instigators, and attackers within the next 72 hours, stating that it was a critical task that required swift action to ensure the safety and security of citizens.

The prime minister stated during the meeting that those who planned and attacked the police will face legal action. He added, “The law will take action against them so that an exemplary precedent is set, demonstrating that those who act against the cherished homeland and the institutions that constantly risk their lives to defeat enemies will face consequences.”

Says: Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef

The prime minister maintained that any attempts to disrupt the peace and stability of the nation were “absolutely unacceptable,” adding that the critical moment required unwavering commitment. “We must act decisively and without delay. It is a matter of utmost urgency, and failure is not an option,” he further said.

The premier announced that the authorities will apprehend the culprits and file cases against them in Anti-Terrorism Courts (ATCs) in accordance with the law and Constitution.

The prime minister emphasized that the ATCs must start their work without any delay, stating that it is crucial to set an example that no terrorist or enemy can cast an ill eye upon Pakistan’s institutions until the day of judgement.

Punjab chief minister

The prime minister has requested caretaker Punjab chief minister Mohsin Naqvi to ensure the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the unrest.

On his Twitter account, the prime minister has set a target of 72 hours for law enforcement agencies to apprehend all those who were involved in the incidents of arson, ransacking, sabotage, and damage to public and private property.

Prime Minister Tweet’s

The prime minister has declared that the cases of those responsible will be tried by anti-terrorism courts, and bringing them to justice is a test case for the government.

 He has accused Imran Niazi of planning and instigating the arson attack on Corps Commander House in Lahore and holds him responsible for the act.

The prime minister has made it clear that the planners, instigators, and abettors of the attack will not be given any relief.

He visited Jinnah House and expressed his sadness at the tragic and cruel burning of the Corps Commander’s home on May 9.

The prime minister noted that the arsonists did not care that it was a historical building and that an army officer and his family were living there.

He has pledged to deal with those who perpetrated the act with the iron hand of the constitution and law and give them exemplary punishment.

During his visits to hospitals, the prime minister inquired about the well-being of the officers and jawans who were wounded while performing their duties during the riots, accompanied by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and senior army and civil officers.

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