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Twitter rolling out edit option for its paid subscribers

Twitter, a leading social media network, is rolling out edition option for its paid subscribers in coming few weeks.

These days, Twitter is carrying out internal tests of the feature to edit and re-edit tweets.

Editing or editing the tweet will only be available for 30 minutes after the posting of tweet.

Edited Tweets will appear with an icon, timestamp, and tag, until it’s clear that the original Tweet has been modified.

According to Twitter, clicking on editing tag will allow viewers to go to the tweet’s edit history, which includes the previous versions.

In a statement, the Twitter platform announced that it is testing the tweet-editing feature, which is initially scheduled to be expanded to include Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming weeks.

Given the importance of the feature, which received great interaction from the twitterati, the platform decided to inform its pioneers of the latest developments in this feature so far, in addition to drawing their attention about the possibility of knowing whether a tweet was subject to modification even if they were not in the test group.

What is the feature to edit tweets?

Through the new “Edit Tweets” feature, users will be able to make adjustments to their tweets after they have published, by giving them the opportunity to correct spelling errors or mention other accounts, among others.

Tweets can be edited multiple times within 30 minutes after they are posted.

Edited Tweets will appear with an icon indicating when and when the edit was made, with a label showing readers that the original Tweet was edited.

Clicking on the label will take viewers to a Tweet edit history, which includes previous versions of the Tweet.

An edit time limit and access to an archive of edited versions play an important role, as they help protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly available history of everything mentioned in the Tweet.

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