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Even in death, controversy follows Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf remained the subject of debate, even after his death, among members of parliament over whether prayers should be conducted in his honor or not.

Even in death, controversy continues to follow Musharraf
Even in death, controversy continues to follow Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: Pervez Musharraf, a former military dictator, suspended the Constitution twice. He still remains the subject of debate, even after his death, among members of parliament over whether prayers should be arranged in his honor or not.

The treasury benches in the Senate were absolutely against prayers and well wishes for the dictator.

However, the PTI came out in favor of Mr. Musharraf. Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani urged JI Senator Mushtaq Ahmad to pray for the earthquake victims in Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon as well as for former military dictator Pervez Musharraf, at the very beginning of the proceedings. Pervez Musharraf passed away on Sunday in Dubai.

Mushtaq Ahmad’s resistance

The members of the treasury committee strongly objected to Chairman Sanjrani’s suggestion by shouting “no, no” in the upper house of parliament.
Additionally, Mushtaq Ahmad stated that there won’t be any prayers for the ruler. Sensing resistance from the majority, the Senate chairman backed down and ordered Mushtaq Ahmad to skip the section and continue.

Opposition leader Dr. Shahzad Wasim, who served in Musharraf’s administration, questioned if praying for the leader would be harmful. Mushtaq Ahmad described Mr. Musharraf as a “confirmed traitor”. He added that Musharraf had violated the Constitution twice. Moreover, he was accountable for the unrest in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Dr. Shahzad Wasim’s criticism

As the opposition leader proceeded to support Mr. Musharraf, government lawmakers stood up from their seats and gathered around the chairman’s podium. Dr. Shahzad Wasim criticized individuals calling Pervez Musharraf a dictator. Furthermore, he remarked that dictatorship was a behavioral trait, we’ve also seen civilian dictators.

The Senate then firmly passed a resolution directing the government’s attention to Article 227, which states that all current legislation must be brought into compliance with Islam’s precepts as described in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Several senators accepted the charter of demands put forth by “Haq Do Tehreek”. Hence, an agreement was reached between the movement and the Balochistan CM. After the resolution made by senators Mushtaq and Kamran Murtaza.

To address the issues the port city is facing, the federal government has established a committee under the direction of the minister of maritime affairs. This committee will communicate with the provincial governments of Sindh and Balochistan.

Zahid Akram Durrani, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, urged MQM MNA Muhammad Abubakar to offer fateha for Gen. Musharraf. Also for the victims of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. Only a few parliamentarians were present in the house at the time the MQM MNA gave fateha. He specifically addressed Mr. Musharraf. Some of the parliamentarians raised their hands for Dua.

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Mohsin Dawar, an MNA from Waziristan, then spoke up in opposition to the deputy speaker’s decision to permit prayers for the former president. According to MNA Dawar, this day should go down in history. No one was willing to provide fateha for the former strongman. Consequently, they had to compel one of the members to do it.

He regretted the government’s arrangements for state protocol and the dispatch of special aircraft to carry the body of Musharraf. Because Musharraf was convicted by the court of high treason. He called it a mockery of the Constitution and the judiciary.

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