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US Focuses on Addressing Pakistan’s Energy Crisis as Key Priority

Energy Crisis

WASHINGTON: The United States has reiterated its commitment to addressing Pakistan’s energy crisis. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller emphasized that the U.S. has assisted Pakistan in generating an additional 4,000 megawatts of clean energy.

These projects have significantly boosted Pakistan’s energy production capacity, allowing millions to access electricity.

Miller stated that both countries are dedicated to collaborating on environmental challenges through a green alliance.

However, he also mentioned that the U.S. has advised Pakistan to halt the Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline Project due to the risk of encountering American sanctions. Miller emphasized the potential consequences of engaging in business with Iran, urging caution.

He recalled that the Assistant Secretary had previously expressed the U.S. stance against the pipeline moving forward.

Following the approval of the Pakistan-Iran pipeline project by the caretaker government, the U.S. officially raised concerns with Pakistan, leading to the project’s suspension once again.

Additionally, Miller condemned the recent terrorist attack on Chinese engineers in Pakistan, expressing condolences to the victims’ families.

He emphasized the shared suffering of the Pakistani people and Chinese nationals due to terrorist acts.

Regarding a letter from judges in Pakistan, Miller stated that while he had seen the letter, he had not yet discussed it with his colleagues and refrained from commenting.

In summary, the United States remains committed to assisting Pakistan in resolving its energy crisis while advising caution regarding certain projects that may risk encountering American sanctions.

The condemnation of terrorist attacks underscores the importance of security cooperation between the two nations.

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