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Pakistan providing humanitarian, military assistance to Ukraine, says EU ambassador

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Riina Kionka, the ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Pakistan, stated that Pakistan has been helping Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia by sending military and humanitarian aid.

Dr. Kionka expressed her viewpoint that Pakistan is in a very tough situation since the conflict is having an impact not only on Europe but also on the rest of the developing world, including Pakistan, in the form of rising inflation and gasoline prices.

The Ukraine war, which was followed by the COVID-19 outbreak, has reduced the availability of wheat, driving up the price of wheat as a result. It also contributed to rising fuel prices, which Pakistan pays dearly for.

EU representative: “Pakistan’s history and viewpoint are unique. On one hand, Pakistan provided both humanitarian aid and military support to Ukraine. On the other hand, it seems like business as usual in politics.”

Dr. Kionka added that “Pakistan imported 39% of its wheat from Ukraine prior to the war,” which helps to explain the trips and ongoing communication.

She went by saying that it was apparent that Pakistan will feel the effects and urged them to “find alternative routes for their wheat supplies.”

The ambassador further emphasized the EU’s involvement in the conflict by declaring that “even after a year of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the EU’s view is clear on the topic.”

“EU, at the early stages of the war, supplied almost $50 billion in support to Ukraine, of which $12 billion were directly for the military help,” the ambassador claimed.

She believes that “the EU has issued 10 packages of sanctions on Russia”. The EU has remained united in helping Ukraine so that it may achieve its ultimate goal of driving Russia out of its soil.”

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