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Six killed after recent earthquake hits Turkiye-Syria border

Six killed after recent earthquake hits Turkiye-Syria border

Six people died in the most recent earthquake to hit the Turkiye-Syria border region, two weeks after a massive one that left more than 47,000 people dead and destroyed thousands of homes.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck on Monday was centered close to the southern Turkish city of Antakya and felt across Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon.

The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of Turkiye (AFAD) reported 90 aftershocks. Residents affected by the recent earthquake were supplied with 6,000 tents overnight.

The Hatay province governor’s building, which was already damaged by the earthquake of February 6, fell in the recent earthquake.

People react after an earthquake in Hatay province, Antakya in Turkiye

According to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, 294 people had already been injured. 8 people with critical injuries were evacuated to hospitals in Adana and Dortyol.

After the severe tremors two weeks ago, some hospitals continued to operate. But now they had to evacuate their patients because the cracks appeared in the buildings, according to Koca.

Residents of Samandag said more structures had collapsed. However, most people had already left the town following the initial earthquakes. The dark, deserted streets were littered with piles of trash and furniture.

According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Washington will help ‘for as long as it takes’. The rescue efforts following the Feb 6 quake wound down. Moreover, the focus shifted to shelter and reconstruction work, said Blinken during his visit to Turkiye.

The death toll from the earthquakes on February 6 in Turkiye increased to 41,156, according to AFAD on Monday. 385,000 apartments were reportedly destroyed and numerous individuals are still missing, and the death toll is expected to rise.

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