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“Eman Askar” A Voice of Innocence searching Humanity goes Viral; Egyptian TikToker sings for Palestine

Lamp & Lion Story – “Where is your humanity?” Where is your respect for dignity?”

A TikToker @emmasworld.101 sings a song for Palestine highlighting the historical facts with her lyrics, has gone viral on various social media platforms.

Watch Eman’s incredible rhyme below:

TikToker @emmasworld.101 rhymes off of historical facts with her lyrics.

Only on TRT World’s social media, the song has been viewed more than 799,000 times and has been shared generously.

The lyrics of her song goes like;

‘There once was a land called Palestine, where Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived fine, in the 1800s it was ruled by The Ottoman Empire, meanwhile, a bearded guy founded Zionism for Jews to aspire, a land that becomes their home and safe, only for their kind’

The TikToker also mentioned how ‘World War I’ led to England grabbing the beautiful land of Palestine which initiated colonization along with the arrival of hundreds of Jews seeking refuge and then openly snatching Palestinian land in 1948.

The Egyptian mother of two later took to Instagram to share her delight after her song went viral, writing, “I had to pinch myself in order to believe that I made so many friends overnight!”

The TikToker asks the Israelis about where their humanity is lost since they are the reason Palestinians live in fear and are homeless despite owning a home.

She asks, “Where is your humanity?” Where is your respect for dignity?”

In the end, she says that calling the Israel-Palestine issue a conflict is completely insane and it’s time to change your mind. She asks her viewers that one day Palestine will be free, so we need to be on the right side of history.

You’re not antiemetic if you stand against war crimes.

She said.

Highlighting the role of media she says, don’t be brainwashed by the new since you can now see for yourself the truth. She ends her video by asking everyone to learn about the actual story of Palestine.

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