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Chinese nationals to hire private guards for security

China nationals advised to seek private guards for security amidst the security situation of Pakistan.

LAHORE: Rise in terrorism has influenced Punjab government to involve private security companies of A category for the protection of Chinese officials.

The police and home department called a meeting on Thursday to discuss and review the security situation of the country. It was noted that providing safety to Chinese officials working on government and private projects is of the highest priority, especially those living within the province of punjab.

Special Protection Unit (SPU)

In early 2014, the government of Pakistan set up a Special Protection Unit (SPU). This unit serves as a dedicated unit that provides security to the foreigners working at different projects throughout the country. Most of these projects hold great significance for the development of Pakistan.

This unit only operates in the province of Punjab. It includes 3,300+ security constables, 20 wireless operators, and 187 drivers. Along with 244 former army personnel in the positions of senior security constable and chief security officer. These figures indicate that the lives of Chinese officials are the top priority for the government of Pakistan.

At the moment, 3,829 personnel and officers of the SPU, along with 2,552 attached personnel from districts, are providing round-the-clock security to the 7 thousand Chinese officials living in Pakistan. Most of these officials are working at 4 CPEC and 27 non-CPEC projects in the province. Additionally, they are providing security to the Chinese residing at 70 residences and 24 camps in the province.

The security of the Chinese personnel working on government projects has been strengthened further.

According to SPU DIG Agha Yousuf, the security of the Chinese personnel working on government projects has been strengthened further. Because of increase in terrorist incidents in the nation.

He said that the SPU was solely used to protect Chinese citizens working on CPEC and other government-related projects. As well as Chinese nationals working with private enterprises were told to engage security firms. He added that security measures were being implemented to protect hundreds of Chinese nationals.

Furthermore, he said, “The government has also established standard operating procedures (SOPs). The Chinese nationals have been directed to hire A category security companies for their security”.

Mr. Yousuf added that Chinese nationals working for private companies need to hire their own security.

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