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The Misguided Racket of the Moral Brigade

The self-appointed custodians of our morals have gone into overdrive over a viral clip from a television serial without getting the whole picture.

Hum TV’s ‘Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarha’ is the subject of widespread criticism these days because it shows a man marry his milk-sister without either of the couple knowing they are milk siblings, and conceiving.

The couple come to know about this when the girl’s paternal aunt (her uncle’s wife) presents a maid as evidence, who says that Maha and Asad are milk-siblings. The story gets into a tense state as this complicated and difficult situation arises.

As would be expected, play attracted a wave of backlash, drawing condemnation from many quarters of society which consider it against our religious and societal norms.

“Those criticizing the play have not actually watched it”, K Rehman, the writer of ‘Juda Hoay Kuch Is Tarha (JHKIT)’, told The Truth International (TTI). “They are commenting and making noise on a clip from the drama that went viral.”

He further said that JHKIT is different from typical stories running on our television, based on perpetual feuding between saas bahu and naand bhabi. “In the series, the leading lady is not continuously facing the cruel behaviour and hardships from her relations. It even shows the father seeking his daughter’s consent before accepting a marriage proposal for her, which she refuses and marries another man at her will.”

Rehman revealed that he wrote this play after encountering some real life incidents, which revolved around the issue of marriage between milk-siblings. “I am sure if people watch the whole play, they will know the girl’s aunt has schemed a vicious plan with the help of a maid.”

He further revealed that that write-up was with him for the last 10 years and he wanted to show the couple as actual milk-siblings but the content team of Hum TV asked him to do these changes in the story.

“I ask those who are criticizing the play that if the story had shown Maha and Asad marry each other even after knowing the fact of their relationship, there could be a reason to question it but here they are completely unaware of the fact. So I think this criticism is unnecessary,” Rehman added.

He explained that the moment the maid makes the revelation, the families separate the couple although they love each other madly and are expecting.

Rehman is a Hafiz-e-Quran himself and according to him he tried his best to not to hurt anyone’s feelings while raising this issue. “Not a single character of the play has rejected the sanctity of the relation of milk-siblings. Asad just doubted the evidence given to prove this and said that if that was verified to be true, he would definitely end this relationship.”

The serial is now in its final phase where the question would be raised about the expected child of the leading characters, Maha and Asad.

Rehman clarified that the play raises a real life issue and does not include any dishonest relationship like a girl with her brother in law or a boy with his sister in law. “I request everyone to watch the whole play first and then comment on it.”

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