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peter morgan breaks off with Jemima khan for Gillian Anderson

British film producer and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith’s latest love affair with Peter Morgan has failed.

Just months after American actress Gillian Anderson and her 57-year-old boyfriend Peter Morgan parted ways, rumors were circulating that Peter Morgan was growing closer to Jemima.

Jemima and Peter’s closeness lasted less than a month as Peter Morgan sped up his efforts to establish a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

According to foreign media reports, Peter Morgan has left Jemima to go to the Czech Republic with his ex-girlfriend Gillian.

According to reports, Gillian is currently in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, where she is working on her upcoming film White Bird: A Wonder Story and will stay there for two months.

A friend of Jemima’s said that it was Peter Morgan who expressed his love for Jemima and made her aware of his love.

According to Jemima’s friend, Peter had told Jemima that he would get better, but now Peter himself has left Jemima and gone back to Jillian.

It had been reported that after Imran Khan,with whom she stayed married for 9 years and had 2 children, Jemima Goldsmith had a romantic relationship with famous actor Hugh Grant and comedian Russell Brand. Both of these relationships failed, followed by Matthew Freud, a well-known figure in the public relations industry, but this too soon came to an end.

Jemima Khan has been seen with British footballer Jamie Rednap since 2018 after her relationship with Matthew Freud ended. However, her relationship with Peter Morgan was recently confirmed which also failed.

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