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Life without marriage seems incomplete: ‘Shadi ker ley’: Azhar Ali advises Babar Azam to tie the knot

Pakistan very famous cricket players appeared on social media with different and interested talk and this time to choose life partner topic remained at the peak.

Dublin , Ireland - 13 May 2018; Azhar Ali, left, and Babar Azam of Pakistan leave the field following the fall of Ireland's final wicket during day three of the International Cricket Test match between Ireland and Pakistan at Malahide, in Co. Dublin. (Photo By Seb Daly/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

One married Pakistani the most familiar cricket player given a piece of advice to the other one that it’s time to attach and choose life partner for marriage. Moreover, former Pakistan cricket captain Azhar Ali wants stellar batsman and Test teammate Babar Azam to tie the knot soon. Ali had invited fans to ask him questions on Sunday when one person, aptly named “BabarAddictor” asked the former Test captain what advice he would give the incumbent skipper.

“Shadi ker lay [Get married],” pat came the response from the former skipper.

Ali didn’t elaborate whether he was joking or was serious.

Singer Asim Azhar asked Ali about his favourite partnership. To everyone’s surprise, he responded it was with the singer himself.

Chaudhry Hamza asked the former Test captain whether his sons were interested in cricket and if yes, then which format of the game would they choose.

In response, he had a hilarious response for the fan.

One fan wondered why the Pakistan cricket team was lagging behind and not coming at par with “modern cricket”.

“We are about to work on it so much, in the coming days, that if I were to begin explaining it to you right now, it would take me an additional 10-15 years to do that,” he quipped. “Hence, leave it.”

Answering another fan’s comments on whether he wanted to become a coach or a commentator, Ali said he would rather prefer being an analyst.

Nice to see Ali answering fans’ questions now and then. We wait for his further interaction with fans on the micro-blogging site.

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