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Review by: Alizay Ashraf

The book Candyfloss is written by Jacqueline Wilson about a young girl Floss who loves spending weekends with her dad. When Floss’s mum and her new husband Steve move to Australia, Floss decides to stay at home with dad. He is not good at house chores but the two muddle along on a diet of chips butties and candyfloss from the local funfair. Then a disaster strikes and they find themselves homeless.

This book is very well written. The main theme was to cling onto hope. Even if you are homeless, there is always a way to pick yourself up. But if you don’t have hope then you might not get up. This is shown by floss and her dad living together but when the cafe that her dad runs, is shut down due to insufficient custom- ers, they end up living in a friend’s home.

The characters of this book include Floss and her dad, Floss’s ex-best friend Rhiannon and her best friends Margot and Ruby, Steve and his wife as well as Mrs. Housefield.

Many youngsters will relate to the story of Floss, who loves both her parents dearly and desperately wants them to get back together, although deep down she knows this will never happen.

Jacqueline Wilson tackles such thorny issues as debt, homelessness, and bullying. She is neither humiliating nor gloomy but strikes a realistic balance in this latest addition to her comprehensive library. This book again is one of my favorite books because I enjoy the way the author writes the story and makes you want to read on to find out what’s going to happen next. It is exciting and emotional which makes it interesting, enjoyable, and fun. This is another great book by Jaqueline Wilsons and is definitely worth reading. I think this book is suitable for children above the age of 8

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