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Big Fans of a Big Celeb: Armeena Khan knows her way through online haters

There is a difference between taking criticism well and bearing with an unwanted hypocrite.

In the industry, one has to know the drawbacks along with all the showbiz charm. Initially, many actors preferred ignoring the haters but now they hit back at online trolls and we are all up for it.

Recently, Armeena Khan was awarded the certificate for outstanding public service by outgoing Burnley mayor Lord Wajid Khan which she celebrated by uploading the pictures online. The majority of her fans were happy for her but some took the road of criticism.

She apparently took the criticism naively and responded to the fans in a very direct way. Some even call her that she is not competent enough to understand the “art of taking criticism”. While, the media praised her for her achievement, whereas the trouble makers focused on her attire. Also, we believe there should have been a conversation about her achievement rather than her dressing.

Anyhow, the star lashed out at haters, saying, “I don’t understand why these nationalists, right wingers and religious fanatics lecture me. For the last time, I do not represent you and my journey is personal.”

Attacking on social media appears to be the right for many without ever using the medium for its right purpose.

Replying to other attacks, she said, “People harassing women and girls especially on my timelines will be reported to the police.”

She also singled out one tweet and addressed it properly.

Khan shared the comment to her Instagram, saying “I’ve had these sort of commentary before, it does not faze me.” Though saying she had to single this one comment out, as the user claims to work for a platform called “Empowered Muslimah” where they counsel women for their problems. “Is this the best we have to offer?” she asked.

The comment perpetuates the same commonly held beliefs that working in Pakistan somehow makes it “obligatory to respect the country, culture, media and audiences.” It goes onto call Khan a foolish actress who lacks something called the “art of taking criticism”.

“Remember, a personal attack is not criticism no matter how you wrap it up.”

She said, creating an important distinction.

She stated she has worked in Canada, the UK, and Pakistan, but never full time. Regardless, she said she failed to understand how she’s supposed to “accept vicious attacks, subservience, and misogyny” because she worked in a particular country for some time.

She stressed the need for boundaries to be set with people. “Criticising a woman for her choices when you’re in the business of ’empowering’ is just absolutely ludicrous,” she said.

“You do not get to dictate a fully grown adult and then patronize her.”

Then she finally said.

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