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Picture Story: artist uses Country’s inflation-hit currency Notes as a Canvas

The Argentinian artist Sergio Diaz transformed his country’s nearly worthless Peso into the work of the art. Diaz found his own way to make a statement against inflation. He transforms bills into artwork. In doing so he used motifs from Harry Potter series.

The Hogwarts magic in the pocket

The situation in Argentine is tense. Inflation is now approaching the 100percent mark. It is a phenomenon that has dragged 40pc of the country’s population into poverty. Diaz’s art breathes new monetary life into the devalued bills.

But why he used Bills ?

How can Diaz Paint on the currency bill, after all its money, many wonder ! But he has a pragmatic response. “Now a days it makes sense for me to paint on the largest denominated bill. Once I paint on it I can sell for much more what the bill is worth.”

But the artist just doesn’t use Peso, he also makes use of bank notes from other countries. Besides, instead of galaxies far far away, Darth Maul of Star Wars has conquered the $1Bill. As well the artist could not put down Lionel Messi from reflecting in his art pieces.

Diaz says, his work reflects how inflation is lived, how it is growing and ultimately affects us all. How the people are living through with the crippled purchasing power.

His art may give hope to his fellow Argentines.

Courtesy: The story depicted by Sarah Klein is originally published by DW.

Zahra Sikandar
Written By


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