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Climate Hub Forum and Majmua Art Gallery forge diplomatic pathway for climate action

KARACHI: Climate Hub Forum, in collaboration with Majmua Art Gallery is proud to announce the inaugural “Art for Climate Change” event, dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and inspiring action through art.

The event, hosted at the prestigious Frere Hall, featured an immersive experience combining art, advocacy, and diplomacy, highlighting the urgent need for climate action and the transformative power of collaboration.

Led by Erum Khan, Chairperson of Climate Hub Forum, Aamir Sadozai, Co-founder of the forum, and Abdullah Rafi, Forum’s Patron in Chief and President of Rotary Club of Karachi Environment, the event is not merely a gathering but a diplomatic endeavor aimed at amplifying Pakistan’s voice and influence in global climate negotiations, particularly leading towards the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP 29).

With a strategic focus on fostering partnerships, driving policy advocacy, and mobilizing collective action, this initiative seeks to position Pakistan as a key player in the global fight against climate change. Under the leadership of renowned Artist Mehreen Ilahi, Founder of Majmua Art Gallery, the event displayed thought-provoking artworks emphasizing the importance of art in driving environmental consciousness. The presence of esteemed artists and the expert judgment of Mr. Samar Raza, a globally recognized filmmaker, added depth and significance to the art exhibition.

The event featured the screening of “The Perfect Shot: Antarctica,” a poignant documentary produced by acclaimed filmmaker Habib Paracha, handpicked by the United Nations for COP 28. Hollywood Producer was called on stage to introduce his documentary, offering profound insights into the global impacts of climate change. Distinguished chief guests including His Highness Cemal Sangu, Consul General of Turkey, and Hanif Khan, District Governor of Rotary International, delivered inspiring speeches, highlighting the urgent need for collective action to combat climate change.

Turkish Council General expressed admiration for the Paracha Documentary and underscored the imperative for global climate action.

The event also saw the Participation of industry leaders such as Majyd Balaghmwala, Kafeel Hussain of Kafeel Hussain Group of Companies, and Z. H. Khurram, President of Pakistan Print and Electronic Media, Razaq Baloch, renowned International TV Producer, Khursheed Hyder from HUM TV, Adil Rashid, former DG Port Qasim demonstrating widespread support for climate advocacy. Travel Explorer Weekly International is the media partner for the event.

The Climate Hub Forum extends its gratitude to all attendees, partners, and supporters for their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. As a collaborative platform dedicated to adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and advocating for climate action.

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