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Shahzaib Rind slapped Indian fighter due to verbal harassment and inappropriate comments about Pakistan

Pakistani Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Shahzaib Rind, Responds to Alleged Misconduct by Indian Opponent, Rana Singh.

In an exclusive interview, Pakistani MMA fighter Shahzaib Rind discussed the recent altercation with his Indian opponent, Rana Singh. According to Shahzaib, the incident occurred after Rana Singh made inappropriate comments about Pakistan on social media and during a press conference prior to their fight.

Shahzaib explained that following the press conference, Rana Singh verbally abused him and physically pushed him, prompting him to slap Rana Singh in order to make him realize his wrongdoings. The video of this incident quickly gained widespread attention on social media platforms.

On April 21st, during the ‘Karate Combat’ event in Dubai, Shahzaib, a Pakistani karate fighter, swiftly knocked out his opponent, Singh, at the beginning of their match. He shared that he had dedicated considerable effort and trained in the United States to prepare for this particular encounter.

Despite his opponent’s impressive track record, Shahzaib remained unfazed and did not allow the pressure to affect him. In regards to meeting Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, Shahzaib mentioned that Khan had watched a few of his fights previously. The karate star expressed his excitement and humorously wondered if he had a talent for knocking everyone out in just 20 seconds.

Shahzaib shared that he has been practicing martial arts since his youth, beginning at the age of 8. He proudly mentioned, “I am the first Pakistani to be part of the American League.” His goal is to showcase the rich culture of Pakistan and Balochistan worldwide.

He emphasized, “I am trying to project a positive image of Pakistan.” In response to another question, he explained that after winning the match, he displayed both the Pakistan and Indian flags, conveying a message about responding to aggression with peace. Shahzaib’s video, which highlights this message of friendship and unity, has gained significant attention on social media, not only in Pakistan but also in India.

Shahzaib eyes world title

During a media interaction in Quetta upon his arrival in Pakistan, Shahzaib expressed his ambition to achieve the world title. He mentioned that he took part in all the fighting competitions independently.

It was a great privilege for him to represent Pakistan, and he felt incredibly proud of this opportunity. Shahzaib also expressed his joy in winning the recent Karate Combat 45 match against India.

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