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WATCH: Volkswagen Chair Amazing Features, Is this a Piece From the Future?

Volkswagen unveiled an office chair that integrates several features typically found in cars, making it likely the most complex office chair ever created. The unique chair has LED headlights, heating, parking sensors, and an infotainment system. It is entirely electric and can be driven around the office.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway started this entertaining project with the intention of bringing car-like functionality to the workplace.

The chair has a 20 km/h (12 mph) top speed thanks to an electric motor and a detachable battery, though no one needs to drive that fast in an office setting. On the other hand, a piece of furniture would be ideal for the estimated range of 12 km (7.5 miles).

On aluminum wheels bearing the VW logo, the chair rolls. It has a multi-colored party mode and two LED headlights on the armrests that mimic the ID range of EVs. So that you don’t confuse the person walking behind you in the hallway, it even has turn signals at the back. The heated, height-adjustable seat resembles a car and appears to be very comfortable for those chilly office days. First and foremost, safety, which is why the chair has an appropriate seatbelt.

Both a control panel on the right side, which thankfully has physical buttons, knobs, and switches and an infotainment touchscreen display on the left, which is connected to an audio system, are used to operate every function.

Along with parking sensors, the screen can display the feed from a rear-view camera to aid users in reversing through confined spaces. Finally, there is a USB port for on-the-go device charging.

Additionally, the chair has a tiny boot that can only hold small laptops and paperwork. It has a capacity of 5 lt (0.18 cubic feet) of storage. VW engineers added a trailer hitch for people who want to transport more items around the office. Although we are unsure of the chair’s towing capacity, we estimate that it could easily tow a small trailer or even a high-end printer.

Without a doubt, the VW Office chair is an overengineered piece of furniture, but it will not be produced.

Nevertheless, those who want to experience it for themselves can apply for “test drives” that will be provided in the coming months in a few locations across Norway.

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Pavan Manzoor is an experienced content writer , editor and social media handler along with a track record of youth-oriented activities in Pakistan and abroad. She was selected as a fully-funded delegate as a leadership fellow in Turkey. She also led a team of 5 volunteers at the week-long Young Professionals Fellowship in Maldives. She is also a member of the Youth Standing Committee on Higher Education.


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