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Pakistan’s iCube Qamar Makes Historic Lunar Orbit Entry

Pakistan’s first satellite, iCube Qamar, has achieved a momentous milestone by successfully entering lunar orbit, marking a historic feat for the country’s space endeavors.

iCube Qamar was propelled into the lunar orbit aboard China’s Chang’e 6 shuttle on May 3rd.

Upon reaching its designated orbit, iCube Qamar has initiated its operations as planned, confirmed by a spokesperson from Suparco, the entity overseeing the satellite’s development. Reports indicate that data from all satellite subsystems are yielding excellent results, affirming the effective functioning of the imaging payload.

The core team behind the iCube Qamar project monitored the satellite’s journey into lunar orbit from the control center in China. Cortem, another crucial contributor to the mission, supervised the process from the control center, ensuring a seamless transition into the designated orbit.

Looking forward, Suparco expects iCube Qamar to transmit its first images from the moon on May 16th. Over the ensuing seven days, the satellite’s control subsystems will undergo thorough verification, further validating its operational prowess.

The mission was launched from China’s Hainan Space Site. Weighing approximately 7kg, the satellite was developed by the Electrical Engineering Department of the Institute of Space Technology (IST) in Islamabad within a span of two years.

The satellite’s launch was broadcasted live on the website and social media platforms of IST. With this mission, Pakistan joins the league of the sixth country to achieve lunar exploration. The national anthem resonated as iCube Qamar embarked on its historic journey.

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