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Pakistan Plans Launch of New Satellite to Enhance Communication Capabilities

Pakistan has taken a significant step forward in advancing its internet and communication capabilities with the announcement of plans to launch a new satellite into space, following the successful deployment of the iCube Qamar satellite.

Named MM1, this new satellite is set to be launched on May 30, according to a spokesperson from the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco). The national space agency, Suparco, has stated that the launch will occur from Islamabad.

The primary goal of the MM1 satellite is to enhance Pakistan’s communication infrastructure. It is expected to contribute to the development of a sophisticated communication network, meeting the increasing demands of the telecom sector.

Given the rapid growth in internet usage and the upcoming rollout of 5G technology, the MM1 satellite is poised to ensure better availability and reliability of these services across the country. Its advanced capabilities are anticipated to address the rising demand for high-speed internet and seamless connectivity.

On May 3, Pakistan embarked on its first mission to the moon, marking its entry into the international space research race. This mission, launched with Chinese assistance from China’s Hainan Space Site, saw the deployment of a satellite weighing approximately 7kg. Developed by the Electrical Engineering Department of the Institute of Space Technology (IST) in Islamabad over two years, this satellite was part of the Chang’e 6 mission of China. With this achievement, Pakistan became the sixth country in the world to reach the moon.

Recently, the iCube Qamar satellite made history by transmitting its first images from the moon’s orbit. These images offer a unique perspective of the lunar surface, marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s space exploration endeavors.

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