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Apple in Talks to Integrate Google’s Gemini AI Engine into iPhone Software

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is currently engaged in discussions to incorporate Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone, as reported on Monday by sources familiar with the matter.

These negotiations revolve around the licensing of Gemini to introduce new features in the iPhone software slated for release this year. While specifics regarding the terms, branding, or implementation of the AI agreement remain undecided, it is unlikely that any formal announcement will be made until Apple’s annual developers’ conference scheduled for June.

Additionally, recent discussions have also taken place between Apple and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, regarding the potential utilization of its model.

As of now, representatives from Apple, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and OpenAI have refrained from providing immediate comments on these reports.

If finalized, a partnership between Apple and Google could potentially extend Google’s AI services to over 2 billion active Apple devices, bolstering the search giant’s efforts to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI. This collaboration may also address concerns among investors regarding Apple’s perceived slow adoption of AI applications, which has contributed to a decline in its market value this year.

Notably, Apple and Google have maintained a longstanding partnership, with Google serving as the default search engine on Apple’s Safari web browser. A prospective tie-up for AI initiatives could aid Google in navigating regulatory concerns surrounding its dominant position in search.

However, such an agreement may draw increased scrutiny from U.S. regulators, particularly given ongoing legal disputes alleging anti-competitive practices by Google. Nevertheless, Google has been proactive in expanding the reach of its genAI technology, recently partnering with Samsung for integration into its Galaxy S24 series smartphones.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has previously emphasized the company’s significant investments in generative AI, with plans to unveil further details about its utilization later this year. While Apple intends to leverage its own AI models for certain functionalities in the upcoming iOS 18, the incorporation of genAI features, such as image creation and essay writing, suggests a strategic partnership to enhance user experiences.

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