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“We’ll engage in dialogue only upon the return of the ‘stolen mandate’,” stated Imran

In a statement from Adiala Jail, PTI’s founding chairman Imran Khan tied any potential dialogue to the return of his party’s “stolen mandate” and the release of “innocent imprisoned workers.”

He urged the judges overseeing his and his wife’s cases to expedite their rulings rather than unnecessarily prolonging them. Mr. Khan reiterated his willingness for talks, but emphasized that they could only occur after the return of their allegedly stolen mandate and the release of imprisoned workers. The PTI’s media department reported Mr. Khan’s stance on Friday, adding that negotiations should be conducted with adversaries, suggesting a possible reference to the military establishment, currently perceived as PTI’s major opponents.

Asks judges hearing his, wife’s cases to expedite rulings

He asserted that the cases against him, including those concerning the Al-Qadir Trust, Iddat, and cipher, were widely recognized as “fabricated, false, and baseless.”

In response to Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s recent comments stating there was no pressure on him, Mr. Khan criticized him, alleging, “Pressure is felt only by those who refuse to act wrongly, whereas you have aligned yourself as a B-team against the PTI.”

Mr. Khan reminded Justice Isa of actions such as revoking PTI’s electoral symbol of bat and failing to ensure a level playing field, alongside violating their basic human rights following the May 9 incidents.

He highlighted the delay in hearing PTI’s petition regarding the May 9 riots, filed since May 25, 2023, which remains pending. Additionally, petitions regarding alleged vote rigging in the February 8 general elections and issues concerning PTI women’s reserved seats also faced delays.

Mr. Khan criticized the Supreme Court’s decisions, suggesting they reinvigorated the doctrine of necessity, and expressed concern that decisions were being made under duress and intimidation, ultimately undermining the country’s judicial system.

He reflected on the letter penned by six judges of the Islamabad High Court, asserting that it evidenced the prevalence of lawlessness in the country.

He emphasized the need for judges in the top court to unite with their counterparts in the high courts and resist succumbing to pressure and coercion when delivering judgments.

The PTI founder urged the nation to seize this historic opportunity to stand up against oppression, highlighting that great nations capitalize on such moments. He cautioned that failure to oppose oppression would result in perpetual servitude.

He cited the unprecedented framing of three cases for a single offense, noting that cases had already been lodged against him and his wife in the Toshakhana case. He criticized ongoing efforts to fabricate a fourth case, in blatant violation of the Constitution and law.

Mr. Khan mentioned his correspondence with the Telegraph, wherein he highlighted the danger posed not only to his life but also to his wife’s, given her denial of medical treatment for the past three months.

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