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Nawaz Sharif identifies Imran Khan as primary hindrance in negotiations with PTI

PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has elucidated the party’s stance on negotiations with the PTI, highlighting Imran Khan’s pivotal role as a major impediment in the process.

This revelation came during a Friday evening meeting with party senators, where discussions extensively delved into the matter.

Senators raised inquiries regarding the party’s approach towards negotiating with the PTI, as per insider sources. Nawaz Sharif underscored Imran Khan’s lack of earnestness in the negotiation proceedings, which significantly hampers the prospects of fruitful dialogue.

He questioned the viability of negotiations when one party displays a lack of commitment to the process, asserting, “How can one negotiate when he is not serious?” in response to queries from party lawmakers.

Moreover, Nawaz Sharif pointed to past incidents where Imran Khan rebuffed offers of amicable relations, indicating a consistent reluctance to engage in constructive discourse. He expressed frustration over what he perceived as insincerity from the PTI’s side, citing instances where PML-N’s genuine efforts were misconstrued as weaknesses.

“I travelled to Bani Gala myself. Our sincerity is considered our weakness,” Nawaz Sharif emphasized.

In an attempt to emphasize the significance of dialogue despite ideological disparities, Nawaz referenced his meeting with the late Benazir Bhutto, despite facing staunch opposition.

“Benazir Bhutto was a great political leader, who signed the Charter of Democracy despite strong opposition between the two,” he recounted.

The discussion surrounding negotiations with the PTI reflects the ongoing political dynamics in Pakistan, with PML-N adopting a steadfast stance on the matter.

Nawaz Sharif’s elucidation of PML-N’s position regarding negotiations with the PTI is poised to wield considerable influence on future political trajectories within the country.

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