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JUIF Unveils Nationwide Protest Timetable

PESHAWAR: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl leader Maulana Fazlur Rahman has declared the initiation of a nationwide protest campaign against the general election outcomes and the initial gathering will take place in Pishin, Balochistan, on April 25th.

In a recent video statement, Maulana also announced a refusal to participate in by-elections nationwide and stated that JUIF will not put forth candidates for any by-polls across the country.

The JUIF president stated that they have dismissed the outcomes of the February 8 general elections. The narrative of the public mandate being stolen in 2018 resurfaced in 2024, according to him. Across all general council meetings at the provincial and central levels, the JUIF has rejected the results. “We perceive this parliament as a representation of the establishment, rather than the people of the country,” he further explained.

The party intends to engage with the public and gain their trust, as it aims to unite the people. Emphasizing the importance of unity among voters to safeguard the integrity of their ballots, the leader clarified their position. Committed to progress, the movement will commence on April 25th in Balochistan, as declared by the JUIF chief.

The upcoming demonstrations during the movement will be known as ‘Public Assemblies.’ On the 25th of April, a massive gathering will take place in Pishin city. Then, on the 9th of May, another ‘Citizen Gathering’ will be organized in Karachi, attracting participants from across Sindh, as mentioned.

On May 9th, the residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will convene a ‘people’s gathering’ in Peshawar. The specific date for an event in Lahore will be determined during the ‘Citizen Assembly’ taking place in Peshawar.

He claimed that the Election Commission was powerless and had no authority to assemble outcomes contrary to the public’s will. He accused specific ‘institutions’ of compiling the results, and the Election Commission couldn’t counteract them. The JUIF leader further accused these ‘institutions’ of overtly interfering in the constitutional responsibilities of civil bureaucracy.

“Even high court judges have begun voicing their concerns against this intrusion in their cases and have stated their inability to deliver justice to the people under such pressure,” the Maulana commented.

Khwaja Asif also unveiled past instances where ‘institutions’ interfered in the electoral process, asserting his point. He further stated that the current situation in the country supports JUIF’s stance.

Rehman expressed the intention to reach out to other political groups, aiming to foster unity among the populace. He encouraged the higher-ups within the party, both provincially and locally, to meticulously arrange the forthcoming protest events.

During an appearance on the program, Maulana Fazl commented that he believed the current government might not endure for a long time due to its insufficient strength. He emphasized that it’s crucial to identify the masterminds behind these unstable governments, rather than solely focusing on their fragility.

Upon being inquired about collaborating with PTI, he mentioned that there has been no communication concerning this matter. He refused to acknowledge the government established through a fraudulent mandate and stated, “We will exercise our constitutional right by protesting.”

He emphasized that the crucial issue isn’t who forms the government; instead, it’s the fraudulent practices involving people and votes. “We will fiercely battle for this matter, regardless of whether we successfully overthrow the government or not. Our efforts will be dedicated to upholding the just cause.”

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