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India’s protesting farmers attacked by RSS goons

With India’s protesting farmers going on hunger strike today, Singhu border witnessed violence as some 2000 people claiming to be ‘locals’ attacked the protesting farmers despite the presence of local police, on Friday.

India’s Communist Party is blaming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for sending ‘goons’ to Singhu borders where the protest of hundreds of farmers is going on for days.

The blame has somewhat truth in it since earlier in the day, the situation at the Haryana border of Delhi worsened when the violence erupted between a huge number of people claiming to be locals and the protesting Kisans.

Delhi Police used tear gas shells to maintain the law and order situation. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah is being demanded answers by CPI (M) on the attack on farmers in a Tweet.

“BJP/RSS goons brought in to attack Farmers at #SinghuBorder while Police and RAF stationed there remain mute spectators. Usual Sanghi playbook of provocation being enacted. CPIM strongly condemns this attack. Home Minister must answer.”

CPI (M) tweeted.

Without taking names of any media organization, the CPI (M) said the ‘Godi Media’ which was calling the people, who attacked the farmers, as locals are infact the goons of Hindu Sena, RSS and BJP.

“Godi Media is calling these attackers as locals. They are Hindu Sena, RSS, BJP goons mobilized to attack farmers with the Police and RAF remaining mute spectators. Familiar script of this Govt. Shame!”

The Left party tweeted.

“While Godi media pushes the narrative of a clash between “locals” and farmers, their cameras tell a different story. BJP, RSS goons bought in, pelt stones at the farmers with active Police connivance as they allow the goons in and remain, silent spectators, while the goons attack.”

CPIM’s another tweet said.
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