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Imran writes to Alvi demanding ‘immediate inquiry’ against Gen Bajwa

Imran Khan writes to Alvi demanding ‘immediate inquiry’ against Gen Bajwa.

Imran Khan demands inquiry against Gen Bajwa, in a letter from President Arif Alvi
Imran writes to Alvi demanding an immediate inquiry against Gen Bajwa

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Imran Khan requested President Arif Alvi to “conduct an emergency inquiry” against retired army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The inquiry should be conducted for frequently violating the terms of his oath of office as the head of the army.

Imran Khan outlined four alleged Constitutional violations by the former army leader in a letter dated February 14. He said that TV journalist/columnist Javed Chaudhry reportedly published Gen. Bajwa’s alleged comments in his column. Imran further claimed that Bajwa’s comments can be taken as evidence for his (IK’s) allegation.

Shireen Mazari, the PTI leader, shared images of the letter on her Twitter.

Gen. Bajwa had “confessed to writer Javed Chaudhry that ‘we’ consider Imran Khan(IK) to be dangerous to the country”. Adding, “Only if he remained to stay in power,”. Imran made this statement while citing Chaudhry’s column.

However, it would be “critical to ascertain,” who Gen Bajwa was referring to when he said, “we.”

“Who gave Gen Bajwa the authority to declare Imran Khan a threat to the country if he remained to stay in power,” the IK claimed.

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“Only the people through elections can determine who they desire to elect as the prime minister,” the PTI leader argued. Bajwa is violating his oath as stated in Third Schedule Article 244 of the Constitution by taking such a right on himself.

Afterward, Imran mentioned Gen Bajwa’s allegations that ‘he managed to get the NAB investigation dismissed against Shaukat Tarin.

Finally, Imran brought up his February 2016 trip to Russia. The visit was labeled controversial since it was scheduled during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Bajwa “went against the former government’s policy of maintaining neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine war,”. Hence Gen. Bajwa violated his oath once again.

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