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Fencing creates acrimony

Baloch protest against fencing in Gwadar

Article by: the Truth International

Gwadar– Amidst mounting security concerns, regarding workers of the development projects reigning in the coastal city, the administration has decided upon the use of fencing to curb the threat posed by terrorists having foreign backing.

An investigation conducted by The Truth International revealed that authorities’ found strong evidence that attack on the Pearl Continental Hotel (Gwadar) in May 2019 was an eye-opener. Law and order enforcing agencies had gotten the clue of foreign forces’ involvement in this attack so that CPEC related projected can be brought to a standstill.

Following that, for the security of the area and workers of development projects, the decision was taken to completely eliminate the weaponization culture in the area to safeguard the lives, livelihoods and the ongoing projects under the constant eye of miscreants.

It is believed that the fence would stretch up to approximately 24 sq. km of the city surrounding the deep seaport built, and operated by the Chinese because they are the main target of the miscreants.

Some elements knowingly or unknowingly are playing in the hands of anti-Pakistan and anti-CPEC forces who are bent upon to obstruct CPEC, which is going to play an important role in the prosperity of Pakistan as well as the region due to its perceived significance in improving communication. Such forces are misguiding local youth by familiarizing it to an agenda against the interest of Balochistan and its people.

As a result, this development has been met quite harshly by local politicians and the civil society. In a recent press briefing, the 11-party coalition under the Pakistan Democratic Movement (locally in Gawdar) termed it a blatant violation of free movement of people and goods through Gwadar and demanded an immedi- ate suspension of the fencing work.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi talking on the issue said that this was merely a move to prevent illegal crossings and reduce the infiltration by terrorists. But this poses an alarm bell for those whose means of earning relied on the free flow of trade whereby multiple families now fear joblessness.

While there are valid concerns emerging from both sides, it is important to evaluate the strength of the argument regardless of political inclinations that have marred the authenticity of the security debate. As politicians ride the high horse of populism, what must not be overlooked is the greatest interest of the people of Gwadar and the Belt and Road Initiative that vows to transform not just the destiny of the Baloch community, but the entire regional populace.


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