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Sindh to offer solar systems for only Rs7,000

The Sindh government, in partnership with the World Bank, has unveiled plans to offer comprehensive solar systems to the public at an affordable rate of only Rs7,000.

This initiative aims to tackle energy challenges and deliver sustainable electricity solutions to households across the province.

Under this program, 200,000 households throughout Sindh, including 50,000 in Karachi, will gain access to complete solar systems priced at just Rs7,000 each.

These systems are designed to power a fan and three LED bulbs, ensuring essential lighting and ventilation for households.

The Sindh director for alternative energy disclosed that 6,656 solar systems will be distributed in each district of the province, constituting a significant outreach effort across all regions.

The project is scheduled to kick off in October, immediately following the completion of procurement, with solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries included in the system package.

Funded by the World Bank, with an allocated $32 million for the project, there are opportunities for potential expansion in the future.

Sindh has already demonstrated its commitment to sustainable energy sources by generating 400MW of electricity from solar energy.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government has revealed its intention to distribute free solar systems to 50,000 households in the province. This initiative, aimed at easing electricity expenses for low-consumption households, has been entirely financed by the provincial government, estimated at a cost of Rs10 billion.

Under this program, households consuming up to 100 units of electricity per month will qualify for the complimentary solar systems. The government will cover all associated expenses, including the procurement and installation of the solar systems.

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