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Punjab Police has released a statement addressing criticisms regarding Maryam wearing the uniform

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s decision to wear a police uniform during a passing out parade ceremony on Thursday has evoked varied reactions.

While some commend the gesture as a display of solidarity and support, others criticize it, citing concerns over alleged disrespect of official protocol.

During her address at the passing-out parade held at Chung Police Training Centre on Thursday, CM Maryam, adorned in a police uniform, remarked, “Nearly 7,000 women officers are serving in Punjab police. It has always brought me joy to witness the representation of women in the police force.”

However, critics have raised objections regarding the perceived blurring of boundaries between political leadership and law enforcement, questioning the appropriateness of a civilian politician donning attire associated with the police force.

The decision has ignited discussions regarding the significance of uniforms and the potential implications for the perceived impartiality and professionalism of law enforcement agencies.

Amidst the discourse, the Punjab Police issued a statement via its official X account, addressing the criticism. It stated, “In accordance with the ‘Punjab Police Dress Regulations,’ the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has the right to wear the police uniform. This has been widely appreciated by police personnel, who see it as a commendable display of solidarity.”

The statement also asserted that the Central Police Office has received numerous messages from police personnel applauding this action. “Female police officers are particularly celebrating the occasion and have shared various pictures of Madam CM Punjab in uniform,” it added.

Furthermore, the Punjab Police affirmed its commitment to enhancing law and order and continuing counter-terrorism efforts nationwide, as per the directives of the chief minister in a subsequent meeting held at the training college.

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