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patient was discovered deceased within the confines of a locked storage room at a hospital in Mianwali

Mianwali: The grim discovery of a decomposed body, identified as that of an elderly man, was made within the confines of a locked storage room at the District Headquarter Hospital.

The incident unfolded against a backdrop of troubling neglect and oversight.

Reports reveal that in February, Rescue 1122 responded to an accident in Isakhel tehsil, transporting an injured elderly man with a fractured leg, identified as Mohammad Ali, to the DHQ Hospital.

Despite being admitted to the general ward for treatment, no relatives visited him. It was discovered that Mohammad Ali, also grappling with mental challenges and speech impediments, was relocated to a secluded room due to complaints from other patients.

In a concerning turn of events, during a recent visit by the Punjab health secretary, hospital staff, apprehensive of any potential disturbance from Mohammad Ali, moved him to an unoccupied storage area and locked the door for the duration of the visit. Tragically, they failed to release him thereafter.

Days passed until a pungent odor permeated the hospital, prompting an investigation by staff members. Upon unlocking the sealed storeroom, they were met with the ghastly sight of Mohammad Ali’s decomposed remains.

Reacting swiftly to the distressing revelation, Mianwali Deputy Commissioner Khalid Javed Gorayia intervened, ordering an immediate inquiry into the harrowing incident.

An inquiry committee, led by DHO (HR) Dr. Rafiqe Khan, was promptly established to delve into the circumstances surrounding Mohammad Ali’s demise.

Awaiting the autopsy report to ascertain the precise cause of death, the hospital administration conducted a hasty burial, deeming Mohammad Ali an unknown individual.

Dr. Amir Ahmed Khan, the Medical Superintendent, expressed deep sorrow over the tragic event, affirming that a thorough investigation is underway to hold those responsible to account.

Despite assertions of providing Mohammad Ali with adequate care, the incident underscores systemic failures and the urgent need for accountability within the healthcare system.

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