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No casualties reported as students are rescued from a fire at a girls’ school in Haripur, KP

On Monday morning, there were no casualties reported after a fire broke out at a school in the Sirikot village of Haripur district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Correspondent in the area stated that over 1,000 female students were present inside the Government Girls’ High Secondary School Sirikot when the fire erupted.

Fire and rescue personnel, along with a fire brigade vehicle, managed to extinguish the fire after it had been raging for over two hours, as reported by the correspondent.

Additionally, vehicles from the Haripur and Ghazi Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs) were summoned to the scene, although they had not arrived yet, he further added.

Although there was no official statement regarding the cause of the incident, Rashid, a parent of one of the students, mentioned that his daughter was present in the classroom where the fire originated. He indicated that it began with sparks emanating from the roof, suggesting a possible short circuit.

According to correspondent, the fire rapidly engulfed the building, resulting in significant damage to the structure, furniture, and paper records inside the school.

Videos captured on mobile phones at the scene depicted large plumes of smoke billowing from the school premises, with debris from burnt roofs falling as flames continued to rage within. Dozens of local residents were also observed gathered outside the school.

Haripur has experienced several fire incidents in recent years. In December, a woman lost her life and eight animals perished when a cattle pen caught fire in the Khanpur tehsil of Haripur.

During the summer of 2022, massive wildfires occurred in Haripur and three other districts of KP, leading to the destruction of hundreds of acres of forestland.

Additionally, in October of the same year, a fire broke out, resulting in the destruction of records and furniture at the office of the Pak-Austria Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology in Haripur’s Mang area.

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