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Maryam initiates a project offering free home delivery of essential medicines

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has launched an innovative public welfare initiative aimed at providing essential medications free of charge to up to 200,000 patients across the province, delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Speaking at the launch event, Maryam stressed the critical importance of ensuring access to vital medicines for conditions like hepatitis, tuberculosis, and heart disease, all of which will be provided at no cost.

“This rapid announcement of the public welfare project is a testament to our commitment. We are ensuring that medications for hepatitis, TB, and other illnesses reach the homes of 200,000 patients, free of charge,” she declared.

Demonstrating her personal dedication to the cause, Nawaz added, “Starting today, I will personally deliver medicines to several households,” noting that medications for heart conditions will also be included in the initiative.

Furthermore, Maryam outlined plans to maintain a sufficient stock of medications to ensure ongoing treatment. She affirmed her vision that within five years, no individual in Punjab would lack access to medical care, highlighting the launch of 32 field hospitals to serve the people.

The Chief Minister also disclosed plans to roll out 200 mobile clinics imminently, extending healthcare services to rural regions. Reaffirming her dedication to public welfare, she condemned previous administrations for their disregard for healthcare services. She stressed the necessity of politics focused on service provision and criticized attempts to undermine the progress initiated by her administration.

Maryam observed that while the PML-N initiated commendable development projects, orchestrated chaos has set the country back decades. She censured opponents for abolishing the provision of free medicines over the past five years and reiterated the commitment to establish state-of-the-art hospitals in every district of Punjab.

In response to concerns regarding the nation’s development trajectory, Nawaz highlighted the adverse effects of regressive policies and emphasized the continuation of initiatives aimed at elevating communities and ensuring equitable access to healthcare services.

Subsequently, the Chief Minister personally visited patients’ homes to deliver free medications. During her visit to Rasoolan Bibi’s residence in the narrow lanes of Shadman katchi abadi services quarters, the elderly patient became emotional upon seeing the CM. Maryam sat by her bedside, inquiring about her well-being.

She also visited another patient’s home in the Shadman katchi abadi, delivering medications along with words of encouragement.

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