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Karachi begins cultivating the world’s most expensive ‘Miyazaki’ Mango

The cultivation of the world’s most expensive mango, the ‘Miyazaki’, has recently commenced in Karachi, marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

Traditionally exclusive to Japan, this esteemed fruit now finds a new home in Pakistan’s commercial center.

Known for its distinctive red and purple hues, the ‘Miyazaki’ mango commands high prices ranging from $800 to $900 per kilogram in the global market, equivalent to approximately Rs250,000 to Rs300,000.

Locally, the price of this luxurious mango can escalate to Rs3 lakh per kg, rendering it a rare and elite commodity beyond the reach of the average consumer.

Pakistan is already celebrated for its diverse and flavorful mango varieties, including Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasheri, and Anwar Ratol.

Each of these mango varieties holds a unique position in the global market due to their distinct flavors. The introduction of ‘Miyazaki’ mangoes adds a fresh dimension to Pakistan’s mango production, potentially enhancing the country’s standing in the international fruit market.

A local farmer in Karachi, who has successfully grown ‘Miyazaki’ mangoes, shared insights.

He highlighted the exceptional characteristics of the ‘Miyazaki’ mango, emphasizing its remarkable color, flavor, and value. While typically yellow, this mango stands out for its rare red and purple hues.

The farmer disclosed that the cultivation process began on a trial basis, and the initial outcomes have been promising.

With the successful adaptation of ‘Miyazaki’ mangoes to Karachi’s climate, there is potential for broader commercial cultivation, which could bring about significant changes to the local agricultural economy.

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