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In Memory of a National Tragedy: 8th October 2005

“We saw death and destruction everywhere”

Earthquake survivor

“I felt like doomsday was being repeated”

Earthquake victim
2005 quake: little to show for billions spent on rebuilding - Pakistan -  DAWN.COM

“I shouted the names of my children, but there was no reply. I heard other children whimper; mine must have also moaned like that”

Earthquake victim

“I still remember the children and their teacher screaming for help but we could not remove those concrete slabs. They died as we watched.

Earthquake Rescue worker
Remembering Oct 8, 2005: The day the earth shook - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

“I try not to think about what happened and how I survived because when I do I feel like an immense sadness takes over me and sometimes I break down

Earthquake survivor”

“We ran out of shrouds and burial space- we used the planks of schools desks to cover the bodies”

Earthquake rescue worker
Ten years after 2005 earthquake, Balakot muddles through | The Express  Tribune

“I was afraid of going inside the house and sat out in the open until late in the night despite the cold weather”

Earthquake survivor

“Let this episode jolt us into awareness that it is high time we wake up and take disaster preparedness and response more seriously”

The tragic 2005 Earthquake and the boom of Relief Work in Pakistan – Agay  Barho Pakistan

“Whenever I pass by those buildings, all my friends’ faces come to mind with the memories I was able to make with them. It was a strong reminder that life can end in a split second. The people I met at the mosque in the morning for Fajar prayer were all gone. Sometimes, I do ask myself, why did I deserve to live? I had the same lifestyle but I guess God has his own wisdom that he chose me. I guess he gave me the chance to actually make a difference and lead a meaningful life”

Survivor recalls the nightmare


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