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IHC highlights the importance of agencies operating within legal parameters in the missing students case

During the proceedings at the Islamabad High Court concerning the disappearance of Baloch students, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani emphasized the objection to unlawful actions by agencies, emphasizing the need for adherence to legal boundaries rather than hindering their lawful operations.

He suggested that clarifying the operational protocols of these agencies would be beneficial.

Justice Kayani presided over the hearing regarding the implementation of recommendations from a commission tasked with locating the missing Baloch students. The Attorney General for Pakistan, accompanied by lawyers Imaan Mazari and Hadi Ali Chattha representing the missing students, appeared in response to the court’s summons.

At the session’s outset, the Attorney General submitted the Committee on Missing Persons’ report to the court. Justice Kayani highlighted that the court had established a committee with specific Terms of Reference, including an inquiry into the number of terrorism cases filed against Baloch students over the past decade.

He noted the consensus among courts, judges, lawyers, journalists, and parliamentarians on the importance of agencies operating within legal frameworks, underscoring the focus on preventing unlawful actions rather than impeding lawful operations.

The court emphasized adherence to the law, allowing agencies like the FIA and police to conduct investigations, with other agencies providing assistance within legal bounds. Concerns were raised about agency activities allegedly beyond legal jurisdiction.

Justice Kayani highlighted the need for accountability, questioning the utilization of agency funds and emphasizing the importance of operating within legal frameworks. Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan discussed economic challenges and urged sympathy in light of investment concerns. Efforts to address missing persons’ cases were discussed, with acknowledgment of progress made.

The court discussed streamlining revenue-related cases for expedited resolution. Plans were made to address missing persons’ issues in upcoming cabinet meetings, with proposals to alter committee composition for improved coordination. The case was adjourned until June 14, with the attorney general instructed to provide answers at the next hearing.

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