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IHC currently reviewing a petition seeking the recovery of the missing poet Ahmed Farhad

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court addressed a petition on Monday concerning the disappearance of poet Ahmed Farhad, filed by his wife.

According to the petitioner’s counsel, they received a WhatsApp call on May 17, urging them to withdraw the petition with the promise of Farhad’s return. Despite exchanging three drafts, Farhad did not reappear, leading the counsel to refuse withdrawal.

During the hearing, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani raised concerns about Farhad’s potential ties to terrorism or kidnapping for ransom. However, SSP Operations clarified that Farhad is not associated with such activities.

Justice Kayani emphasized accountability for institutional actions and summoned a response from the secretary of defense, setting a deadline of 3:00 PM for submission. He warned of consequences if no reply was received by the specified time, highlighting the urgency of the matter.

Justice Kayani instructed, “You must remove the label that you kidnap,” emphasizing that the entire institution should not be held responsible. The Assistant Attorney General echoed this sentiment, stating that blaming the entire institution is unjust.

Expressing urgency, the bench remarked, “I want the person at any cost, don’t take the situation to the level that makes it hard for the institutions to exist.”

Defense ministry officials informed the court that the secretary of defense has been briefed comprehensively and requested a two-day extension.

Addressing the possibility of Farhad’s whereabouts, Justice Kayani questioned whether he was in the “Bajaur safe house” or “Kashmir safe house.” The bench emphasized that the police represent the face of the state, not unknown individuals.

The court adjourned the case until 3:00 PM, awaiting further developments.

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