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Faisalabad witnesses a 15% surge in suicide attempts

Faisalabad, often hailed as the “Manchester of Pakistan” for its industrial prowess, is grappling with a harrowing surge in suicide attempts this year.

Recent reports have unveiled a distressing reality: 250 individuals have attempted to end their lives, with 25 tragically succumbing to their struggles, including several women.

Among the heart-wrenching accounts, the story of Zafar Abbas stands out. A dedicated police officer, Abbas succumbed to the weight of severe mental stress, culminating in his decision to end his life just two days ago.

Despite being on medical leave for a month, Abbas found no respite from his inner turmoil and reportedly resorted to a noose to escape his suffering.

Abbas’s tragic demise has shed light on the profound psychological toll borne by law enforcement personnel.

RPO Dr. Abid, acknowledging the inherent stress of their profession, underscores the urgent need for enhanced mental health support within the force. The burden of safeguarding society often takes a toll on officers’ mental well-being, underscoring the critical importance of addressing mental health issues proactively.

Medical experts echo these concerns, flagging depression as a leading factor in these distressing incidents. Dr. Salma, a respected psychiatrist, emphasizes the significance of recognizing the signs of mental distress early on. Disruptions in eating, drinking, sleeping, and daily routines serve as red flags, signaling the need for psychiatric intervention and support.

The statistical data paints a stark picture of the crisis unfolding in Faisalabad. In just four and a half months, the city has witnessed a 15 percent surge in suicide attempts compared to the previous year, with 250 individuals, both men and women, grappling with despair so profound that they saw no way out but to end their lives.

As Faisalabad confronts this unprecedented mental health crisis, there is an urgent call for action to provide comprehensive support systems, raise awareness, and destigmatize discussions surrounding mental health issues.

Only through collective efforts can the city hope to stem the tide of despair and offer a glimmer of hope to those battling inner demons.

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