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EC Issues Notifications for Reserved Seats: PML-N Secures 36 Women Seats in Punjab Assembly, MQM-P Gets 6 in Sindh

Islamabad: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) recently issued notifications regarding the allocation of reserved seats for women and minorities in various provincial assemblies, reflecting a diverse distribution among political entities.

In the Punjab Assembly, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) secured 36 reserved seats for women, as per the ECP notification. Additionally, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was allotted three reserved seats for women in the Punjab Assembly. Furthermore, the PML-N also obtained five minority seats in Punjab’s provincial assembly, solidifying its representation across different segments.

Meanwhile, the electoral watchdog also issued notifications for reserved seats for women in the Sindh Assembly. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) secured six reserved seats for women, reflecting its presence and influence in the provincial assembly.

Moving to Balochistan, the allocation of 11 reserved seats for women witnessed a diverse distribution among political entities. This allocation underscores the varied political landscape and representation within the Balochistan Assembly, ensuring a multi-faceted approach to governance and representation.

These notifications signify the culmination of the electoral process, where reserved seats are allocated to ensure equitable representation for women and minorities in the provincial assemblies. The notifications issued by the ECP reflect the outcome of the elections and the distribution of seats based on the electoral performance of different political parties.

The allocation of reserved seats for women and minorities plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and diversity within the provincial assemblies. It ensures that the voices of women and minority communities are heard and represented in the decision-making processes of the respective assemblies.

Overall, the issuance of these notifications by the ECP marks an important step towards the formation of inclusive and representative provincial assemblies, where diverse perspectives and interests contribute to the democratic governance of the provinces.

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