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Director General of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Removed from Position

Khaqan Murtaza, the former Director General (DG) of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has been relieved of his duties and reassigned as the chairman of the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI). This transition follows a notification indicating the appointment of Aviation Secretary Saif Anjum to take on the additional responsibility of overseeing the CAA temporarily.

Saif Anjum, now holding dual roles, will manage the affairs of the CAA alongside his existing duties as Federal Aviation Secretary for a three-month interim period. Meanwhile, the process to select a new DG for the CAA is underway, with four aviation experts, including Imran Aslam, under consideration for the position.

The appointment of Khaqan Murtaza as EOBI chairman has been confirmed subsequent to Cabinet approval. His experience and expertise will likely contribute positively to the institution’s operations.

During this transitional phase, Secretary Saif Anjum will remain at the helm of the CAA until a permanent DG is appointed. This arrangement ensures continuity in the management of aviation affairs while allowing ample time for the selection process to be conducted diligently.

The decision to reassign Murtaza and entrust Anjum with additional responsibilities underscores the government’s commitment to optimizing leadership roles within key institutions. By appointing individuals with relevant expertise and experience, the government aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these organizations.

As the search for a new DG progresses, the government remains focused on ensuring seamless operations within the aviation sector. The forthcoming appointment will be pivotal in shaping the direction of the CAA and advancing its mandate of promoting safe and efficient civil aviation practices in the country.

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