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woman in Lahore rescued after mob surrounds her for wearing an Attire with Arabic on it

A woman in Lahore found herself in a distressing situation, ultimately having to issue an apology after being rescued by the police from a potentially threatening mob that had encircled her due to her choice of attire. The incident unfolded in Ichra and gained widespread attention as videos capturing the episode went viral on social media platforms.

In the videos, the woman can be seen inside a restaurant wearing a dress adorned with vibrant Arabic calligraphy. The situation escalated to the point where multiple police officials, including members of the Dolphin Squad, intervened. Gulberg ASP Sheherbano Naqvi played a pivotal role, attempting to reason with the agitated crowd before escorting the woman out of the establishment. Notably, by the time she exited the shop, she was covered in a black burqa.

In a subsequent video statement, ASP Naqvi shed light on the circumstances, revealing that the woman had visited the restaurant with her husband. Another individual in the video clarified that while there were no offensive words on the dress, its design created the perception of Arabic script. The woman, still veiled in the burqa, shared her perspective, stating that she had chosen the dress solely for its design and was unaware of any Arabic inscription. Despite her lack of malicious intent, she issued an apology, underscoring her deep respect for Islam and her unwillingness to cause offense.

Following the incident, Punjab Police made an announcement, disclosing that ASP Naqvi had been recommended for a gallantry award by the Inspector General. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council, Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, strongly condemned the episode, categorizing it as harassment. He asserted that the woman should not have been coerced into apologizing and called for the perpetrators to be prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws, emphasizing the need to address such incidents to safeguard individual freedoms and promote tolerance within society.

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