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Why are Baloch protesters being forcefully sent back, IHC asks police chief

Baloch Protestors’ Case

Chief Justice Aamir Farooq of the Islamabad High Court emphasized the fundamental right to peaceful protest, asserting that Baloch protestors should not be forcefully repatriated to their province.

The remarks were made during a hearing on a petition challenging the arrest of Baloch protesters, where the court directed the Inspector General (IG) of Punjab to submit a comprehensive written report on Baloch women in police custody.

Expressing deep concern over increasing street crimes in the capital, Chief Justice Aamir Farooq criticized the ineffective performance of the Islamabad Police. He cited instances of theft targeting the court’s staff members and demanded accountability from the IG Punjab.

The Chief Justice underlined the importance of allowing peaceful protests and instructed the police chief to facilitate a meeting between detained women and their legal counsels. The court also addressed discrepancies in the IG’s communication, leading to a demand for contempt proceedings.

During the hearing, the IG Islamabad provided updated figures, reporting 216 individuals in custody, with 34 in judicial custody and one under physical remand. Nineteen women were released as per the court’s orders.

Responding to queries about presenting data in court, Chief Justice Aamir Farooq delegated the matter to the legal counsel, assuring close monitoring by the court. He concluded the hearing by announcing that a detailed decision on the proceedings would be issued soon.

Justices Gul Hassan and Inamul Haq were designated to conduct the next week’s hearing, with the Chief Justice encouraging all concerned parties to stay informed and contact his office if necessary.

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