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Karachi Monsoon Alert: PDMA cautions of precipitation exceeding 100% during the period of July-Aug

The Sindh Provincial Disaster Management Authority has issued a stark warning regarding Karachi’s anticipated rainfall during the forthcoming monsoon season, projecting an excess of 100% precipitation between July and August.

This concerning forecast was deliberated upon in a meeting presided over by Karachi Commissioner Syed Hasan Naqvi.

Concerns have been raised by citizens regarding the potential for significant damage, particularly if proactive measures are not taken to address the city’s drainage system. Currently, Karachi’s drainage infrastructure is strained, with approximately 550 waste drains reported to be obstructed, posing a grave risk of flooding.

During the meeting, the PDMA provided insights indicating an expectation of rainfall exceeding 100% throughout July and August.

Commissioner Naqvi emphasized that pre-emptive directives have been issued to all pertinent institutions to brace for the deluge. “The accumulation of garbage has led to the clogging of 550 waste drains in the city, heightening the risk of substantial damage in the event of heavy rainfall,” he asserted.

The PDMA underscored the criticality of arranging effective measures to clear the drains and ensure efficient water drainage. Without these precautionary measures, Karachi’s low-lying areas are susceptible to severe flooding and associated calamities during the monsoon season.

The PDMA’s alert serves as a vital reminder for both city authorities and residents to take immediate and proactive steps to mitigate the potential repercussions of the impending monsoon rains.

In another development, on Friday, Sindh Chief Secretary Asif Hyder Shah chaired a meeting to assess the preparations ahead of the urban flooding threat in Karachi amidst the impending monsoon. Shah affirmed that all relevant institutions, in collaboration with the Meteorological Department and PDMA, were geared up to confront the potential stormy rains and flood emergencies in Sindh.

He directed the concerned departments to ensure the availability of emergency equipment, machinery, dewatering pumps, and field personnel. Shah highlighted that due to climate change, the province has been experiencing an upsurge in rainfall and floods beyond the usual magnitude.

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