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heat wave in Lahore may come to an end today

Despite assurances from the Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority that today would signal the conclusion of the ongoing heat wave in Lahore, meteorologists caution that extreme temperatures may persist for several more days.

The relentless heat wave has inflicted widespread havoc throughout the city, resulting in numerous citizens being hospitalized due to heat-related illnesses. The scorching temperatures have not only impacted humans but also animals and birds, many of which are exhibiting signs of distress.

Adding to residents’ woes, load shedding persists despite the Lahore Electric Supply Company’s (LESCO) efforts to address the shortfall. Technical faults in both old and new transformers have contributed to widespread power outages, further exacerbating the situation.

The sweltering heat extends beyond Lahore, affecting much of the country. In the past 24 hours, Mohenjodaro recorded a scorching temperature of 53 degrees Celsius, the highest nationwide.

The Meteorological Department predicts that the next two days will offer little relief, with most plain areas remaining under the grip of intense heat. Dusty winds and thunderstorms may provide temporary respite in the afternoon, albeit insufficient.

Heat wave overview across country


The capital will experience temperatures 3 to 5 degrees above normal during the day, with very hot weather predicted.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

This region will also face extreme heat, with day temperatures likely to be 4 to 6 degrees above normal.


Most of the plains in Punjab will remain under a heat wave, with temperatures forecasted to be 6 to 8 degrees above normal.

Murree and Galiyat

The weather is expected to remain dry.


Hot weather is predicted in most districts.


Upper districts will endure a severe heat wave with temperatures 6 to 8 degrees above normal, while the coastal belt will remain hot and humid.

Officials advise citizens to maintain hydration, minimize exposure to direct sunlight, and pay particular attention to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children.

The persistent power outages resulting from transformer malfunctions underscore the urgent need for infrastructure enhancements to alleviate the effects of the enduring heat wave.

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